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cmfg partners logoCanada Mortgage and Financial Group (CMFG) is award winning brokerage and lending firm specializing in both institutional and alternative financing under the leadership of Ms. Ameera Ameerullah, an award winning Mortgage Broker who is nominated again this year for several awards. CMFG is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau; a licensed brokerage with no complaints or errors; Omission-insured with no claims; and an efficient leading firm that is focused on changes in the real estate and finance industries. CMFG’s forte is assisting clients that typically do not fit the traditional banking guidelines thus successfully fills the gap in the alternative lending niche. A solution based brokerage especially for clients who are self-employed, non-resident, new immigrant and real estate developers. CMFG brings a wide range of services including real estate development, investing in private mortgages, residential, construction, commercial and hotel financing.

Founder and CEO, Ameerullah has an out of the box thinking and launched a “Deposit Program” for purchasers and an interest-free “Shariah Program” for developers on real estate projects. CMFG also offer Investors the opportunity to invest in private mortgages earning an annual return up to 10%, paid monthly. To date, CMFG has maintained zero defaults in its mortgage portfolio and its approval ratio remains an unblemished 100%, a unique badge of honor for the company.

Working with CMFG collaborates investors, clients, brokers and lenders within a trusted relationship in delivering and completing transactions successfully. CMFG is franchising its’ operation to other mortgage brokers so they too can build their brand with a trusted and resourceful partner in the industry.

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